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Why Buy Sentinel Heartworm Preventative?

Sentinel Heartworm Preventative is the leading chewable medication effectively used for fleas and many types of worms. It is manufactured by the globally prominent company, Novartis and is scientifically proven safe and efficient for your dog’s health needs.

How Safe Is It?
Sentinel Heartworm Preventative is proven to control and treat worm infections caused by heartworm, round worms, hookworms and tapeworms. It is also useful for breaking the flea life cycle. The following 2 active ingredients of this drug make it very effective:

- Lufenuron is part of a group of components that have long been tested for its effect on insects. The tests have been conducted since the 1970’s. Lufenuron is now classified as an Insect Development Inhibitor and is the only oral IDI for controlling flea infestation. This makes it the world’s top selling flea control chemical component. It’s also proven 100% effective in inhibiting flea reproduction for a period of 30 days even with just one single dose (with a full meal). Lufenuron has no toxic effects so it can never harm your pet.

- Milbemycin oxime is a component in Sentinel used for treating and preventing heartworm disease. This disease called dirofilariasis is a condition wherein adult worms keep growing inside heart, liver, lungs and blood vessels of your dog. This component was first discovered in Canada during the 90’s and has been undergone various lab tests and research. It is very safe and effective to use on all breeds and sizes of growing dogs that are at least 2 weeks old and weigh at least 1 kg.

What Benefits Can You Get?
A trademark of Novartis, Sentinel Heartworm Preventative comes in packs of 3 and 6 chewable tabs and has an artificial beef flavor. This is why treating your animal is easy; you don’t need to insert the drug, your pet will joyfully take it from your hand. Most medications offer separate meds to protect from fleas, heartworms and 4 other types of worms but not Sentinel. The product offers optimum health for your dogs because it targets all parasites with just one tablet that’s given once a month for one full year. Other than its efficiency and cost-effectiveness, each pack of med tabs comes with helpful product information to remind you on how to carefully medicate your dogs and when the next doses should be made. Novartis also offers a product guarantee to defray additional health care costs. More info on this is included in the company’s website. Other than these, you’ll be delighted to know that giving:

- You can immediately play with your pet right after treatment
- There no need to worry when you bathe your pets since the medication does not wash off
- There’s no risk for skin reactions or allergies
- Drug does not rub off onto your clothes or house furniture
- There are no side effects and adverse reactions are very rare

You don’t need to buy separate medicines for your dogs’ many needs. Buy the 3-in-1 Sentinel Heartworm Preventative now and ensure your pets years of protection from various parasitic infections. Protect your family as well. With Sentinel, you can be sure that you are making the best choice!

Are There Sentinel For Dogs Side Effects?

Are There Sentinel For Dogs Side Effects?

Every concerned pet owner understands that other than using the best medication in the market, you also need to protect your dogs from untoward drug effects. This is why we consider giving you information on Sentinel for Dogs side effects.
Why Use Sentinel

Why use a product unless it is from a world-leading manufacturer and it targets most of your pet care problems? This is why Sentinel is the most useful and trusted brand by your veterinarian. It comes from the worldwide company, Novartis. Backed by many years of research and lab testing, the drug is proven safe and effective. The following are the most benefits you get when you use the drug:

-    Kills all heartworm, adult hookworm, adult round worm, whipworm and tapeworm
-    Effectively breaks flea infestation cycle
-    A once-a-month medication that comes in chewable beef flavored tablets
-    Completes the full treatment will prevent your animal from contracting deadly worm diseases and flea infestation even after many years
-    Available for a cheap price in online stores

Things You Need To Know about Side Effects of Sentinel for Dogs

For dogs, fleas and mites are annoying, but worm infection especially heartworm disease, can lead to death. This is because adult worms stay and grow inside the animal’s heart and can stop blood flow to important body organs. In line with this, you need the best protection that only Sentinel can offer your pets. The drug is very effective because it contains the active ingredients Lufenuron that stops fleas by preventing eggs from maturing into adults and Milbemycin oxime which kills all 5 types of worms.

What Are The Side Effects?

Per customer reviews and from many lab tests, Sentinel for Dogs adverse reactions are very rare when the drug is used at the required dosage. The medication contains a wide margin of safety so you there is no cause for worry if you have different breeds and sizes of dogs. Even collies can safely use the drug. Puppies 6 weeks of age can use it, even pregnant and breeding bitches as well stud dogs can also medicate using Sentinel. However, there may be very rare instances when Sentinel for Dogs side effects occur and these possibly result from wrong use. On the other side, drug-to-drug interactions (with other ongoing treatments), or adverse reactions (by your pet’s body) include:
-    Diarrhea
-    Vomiting
-    Depression
-    Lethargy
-    Pruritus

When to Consult Your Vet

Because your pet’s health is utmost important, when it develops any of the adverse effects listed above, consult your vet as soon as possible. He knows best about what to give your dog for particular symptoms. Appropriate medications may then be given or Sentinel treatment may temporarily be stopped.

Every drug no matter how effective will have a tendency cause side and adverse reactions. It is therefore imperative to know about the signs and symptoms and to consult your trusted vet immediately. By using the product and learning from what you have read here, you are assured that Sentinel for Dogs side effects are kept to a very minimal level. This ensures worry free treatment for you and your beloved canines.

How To Get Nuheart Free Shipping

How To Get Nuheart Free Shipping

Every pet owner understands that heartworm treatment for cats and dogs must run for one full year. That’s why most trust only Nuheart for their pets. It’s the safest, most effective and cheapest generic medication in the market. Because you need to cut as much cost as you can, it’s good idea to get Nuheart free shipping, too.

Why Your Pets Must Be Medicated

Before you avail of Nuheart free shipping, it is helpful to know first why your pets need to medicate. Mosquitoes serve as the parasite carriers. Inside these insects, young heartworms grow into larvae. However, the development stops when the temperature falls below 140 Celsius or 57° Fahrenheit. This is why transmission happens only within warm months and varies geographically.

How does a heartworm get transmitted to a dog? Firstly, an infected dog gets bitten by a mosquito. This insect then carries the filariae inside its body until these turn into larvae. When carrier mosquito bites another dog, the latter gets infected and becomes the host for the heartworm until it becomes fully matured. Unless you get the right medication to treat the disease, the cycle will go on and more pets become affected and may even die.

The Infection Cycle

For dogs, maturation of filariae takes 6-7 months. This means your pets may already have the worms but show no signs and symptoms of the infection. After 75-120 days from infection, immature heartworms move into the dog’s bloodstream and finally stay in the pulmonary artery, a major blood vessel. They then increase in size and start reproducing by about the 7th month. The newborns called microfilariae flow through the bloodstream for up to 2 years until a mosquito sucks the infected blood. When this happens, the microfilariae stay in the insect’s body for only 2-6 weeks and then become transmittable. When adult heartworms lodge at the right side of the heart and the big veins, they damage these organs as well as the lungs. A massive infection then happens which can result to death.

Why You Need Nuheart?

Nuheart is the top generic equivalent of the leading Heartgard product. It contains exactly the same active ingredient called Ivermectin, a potent anti-parasitic medicine. The dosage for the tablets is also the same as the leading brand. It is given only once per month for the duration of one year and then your beloved pet gets years of protection. Nuheart is so convenient for your dogs because it comes in small, sweet meaty flavored pills and is soluble as well. What’s more is that it is recommended by the FDA and EPA Australian equivalents- National Registration Authority, Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority.

Where To Get Free Shipping

There are many online shops or stores where you can buy supplies of Nuheart free shipping without any prescription. You can get them for the best price and without charging you for deliveries. These are helpful tips on how you can save on freight:

- Different online pharmacies and stores offer a variety of packages and shipping costs, so search for trusted websites and compare.
- Ask your friends about where they have purchased their own Nuheart supplies minus the shipping fee.
- You can also inquire from your trusted vet on where you can get free shipping or you might even be able to buy directly from him.
- Other than online stores, you can directly make your purchase at local pet shops. That saves you freight charge as well.

Because you need all the money that you can save, not only do you get discount medicines but you also want cost-free delivery. Nuheart free shipping is the answer to all your pet care needs. Your pets get the best medicine while you get the best priced deals.

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