Where to Buy Heartgard for Dogs?

Dogs are one of the animals that are closest to men. Some dog owners love their pet so much that they consider them not as pets but as family members and they are given all the love and attention. As owners, we are responsible in ensuring the health and safety of our pets. We should give them adequate food and vitamins. It is quite common for dogs to contract illnesses and infections because of they tend to always wander around. A parasite that dogs often contract is the heartworms. As with other parasites, they leech the nutrients away from the dog’s body and they can even cause the animal’s death. To guard against these organisms, give your dog protection. You can try Heartgard Plus to kill parasites like roundworms and hookworms in your pet’s body. Heartgard is a household name so you can be sure of its safety and effectiveness. You can ask your veterinarian questions on where to buy Heartgard for dogs. Most of the time, they can be bought from pet care stores and veterinary clinics. You can also search the internet for more information about the product. Pet care domains like petcarerx.com provide useful information not only about dogs but also about pets in general. There are also other products that fight external parasites like Frontline and these can be used together with Heartgard to achieve the best results. You can buy Heartgard from these sites and enjoy discounts of up to 50%. They also offer free shipping so you can save a great deal of money.

Heartworms can be passed on from one dog to another through mosquito bites but these insects are everywhere and there is no way that you can prevent a mosquito from biting your pet unless you keep it in a closed area. Hence, prevention is a must. Aside from that, your dog’s life is at risk unless these parasites are all killed. As the name implies, heartworms reside in the heart and can block blood vessels. They can obstruct blood flow and cause death.

Heartgard Plus is one of the premiere drugs that combat heartworms and other types of roundworms and hookworms. This product has a generic name of Ivermectin, Pyrantel pamoate. The former is one of the best drugs against parasitic infection while the latter is a well-known deworming agent that causes paralysis to worms, making them lose their hold on the tissues and be excreted through the excretory system. You should not worry about the price of this product because only one tablet is given in a month. Your dog will surely like this because this has beef flavor that resembles one of your pet’s favorite treats.

It is advised to have your dog checked first before giving Heartgard. The drug is safe for all species of dogs but adverse reactions can happen if your dog is allergic to its components. The duration of the treatment depends on the degree of infection but be sure to stick to the advised prescription because overdosage is dangerous and may cause harmful side effects like tremors and vomiting. Furthermore, store the drug in a place that cannot be reached by children and by your pet and always practice proper hygiene. If you are still baffled by the question “Where to buy Heartgard for dogs?”, you can consult your trusted veterinarian.

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