Can We Buy Heartworm Medicine without A Prescription?

Heartworm Medicine without A Prescription – Is it possible?

As the use of Heartworm medicine for dogs is becoming a fact of life for most pet owners, so is the desire to save money. Some use it only during the summer, when mosquitoes are commonly seen, but others choose to use them year round as advised by the American Heartworm Society. If you are one that uses a product monthly, it’s safe to assume you would like to save money where and when you can on medication purchases. This leads to the question, can we purchase heartworm medication without a prescription?

Well, can is sometimes a relative term. Just because you may be able to do something doesn’t mean you necessarily should, and this is true in this case. United States law requires a prescription for any heartworm medicines sold. Even if you find an online outlet that sells the medicine you want, you’ll still have to get a script from your veterinarian.

Many people wish to buy online, as oftentimes vets do not carry generic heartworm medicines. If you can find a generic medicine online, you may be able to save 50% or more on your purchase.

There are countries that are not as strict on the transfer of heartworm medicines though. Canada, for example, allows its citizens to purchase most heartworm medications without a prescription. Canadian owned pet pharmacies will also sell discounted heartworm medications to people in other countries online. This is a great temptation to many American consumers, as the prices are much better buying online from Canada than going to your vet, but be careful.

The FDA contends that nearly all prescription drugs imported into the country by US consumers from Canadian pharmacies is a violation of the law. If you buy your medicine from a store in Canada, you are breaking the law. Since many people think the chances of a six month supply being caught by customs or others is slim, they often buy their pet meds from online stores overseas, to keep from having to get a prescription.

As you can see, it can be done, but if you do so, you are committing a crime. The moral of the story:

As tempting as it may be to save money on your heartworm medications online without a prescription may be, it’s not worth it. As for me, buying heartworm medicine without a prescription is not my best choice.