Comparing Nuheart and Heartgard

There are many heartworm medications in the market that claim to be the best and the cheapest. However, only two brands claim the top spot for both efficiency and safety. Because you want the best one, find out by comparing Nuheart and Heartgard.

Online Searches

Many people ask questions and want reliable facts for those queries. That is why most go to specific search engines, forums and websites for that end. If you search online, you’ll learn about top drugs for your dogs like Deramaxx, Frontline Plus, Revolution, Heartgard, Nuheart and even generic meds. There are also online trusted pharmacies that sell animal healthcare and supplies as well as product descriptions for each product – you can use these incomparing Nuheart and Heartgard.

Customer Reviews Speak

Because word-of-mouth among pet lovers and owners is the best proof for the effectiveness of supplies and drugs, here you will learn about what they say for the two top medications and why comparing Nuheart and Heartgard can give you many benefits. Here’s what most people in Yahoo Answers say:

–    A 30-year professional dog groomer says that since both Nuheart (generic Heartgard) and Heartgard have the same active ingredient, Ivermectin, they are basically just the same and are both equally efficient in fighting heartworm infection.
–    Another customer attests that Heartgard comes as chewable while generic Nuheart is a water-soluble pill. That means they are both equally easy to give to your pet. The tablets are small-sized so they are easy for your dogs to take.
–    One person bought Heartgard from an online pharmacy for $65. Later, he got the generic Nuheart for only $35. That means a lot of savings for you. There may be instances where your pets have already been severely infected with heartworms such that they need to be hospitalized while continuing the medication. That can mean more spending for you so you really need a more cost-effective generic treatment.
–    A particular customer stated that his vet allowed him to switch from Heartgard Plus to the generic one with conducting another test. That’s proves Nuheart is highly recommended.
–    Some state that generic companies may not cover for additional heartworm treatments for free (when your pets contract the infection while on their medication) while Heartgard pays for your dogs. However, there are actually online vet shops that cover additional healthcare costs as long as you show your proof of purchase.
–    Just like Heartgard, the generic Nuheart is available even for a large pet. The med comes in a red pack of 6 tablets and is directed for use with dogs weighing 50 lbs – 100 lbs.

While it may give you more confidence when you buy branded medication, in the end you’ll realize that doing so will just end up making a hole in your pockets. Comparing Nuheart and Heartgard helps you think that generic medications actually do just the right job for the lesser price. That’s huge savings for you and your pet!

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