Is a Generic Heartgard for Dogs Worth the Risk?

Our pets are very dear to us and we want them to be as healthy as possible. However, the contraction of diseases and infections is inevitable and all we can do is to protect them. To cater to the needs of animal lovers, countless nutritional products have been formulated and made available in the market. Of all these products, you can be confused as to which is the right medicine or supplement for your dog. There are high chances that a dog will be infected by a parasite once in his life unless you are a very protective owner. Dogs tend to wander around and most of the time, they come in contact with foreign objects and microorganisms. Heartworm infection is one of the most common problems of dog owners as this puts the life of the dog in danger. This can be prevented by drinking medicine that can counter these parasites but the drugs can be expensive especially for those who are on a tight budget. Due to this, some resort to buying generic Heartgard for dogs.

Heartworm infection can be obtained through mosquitoes. The larvae of the heartworm circulate in the dog’s system and when a mosquito bites the dog, the some larvae are transferred from the dog to the mosquito. These larvae can then be transmitted from the mosquito to another dog once the insect bites the animal. Heartworms mature; they increase in size and move into other areas near the heart. They block arteries and veins and restrict blood circulation, resulting to the death of the organism. Just like any other parasite, heartworms gradually infest the body and if the condition becomes severe, the host dies.

Heartgard is among the popular brands known to fight heartworms. Its main ingredients, Ivermectin and Pyrantel are guaranteed to kill all worms and their larvae. A disadvantage of Heartgard is probably its relatively expensive price. Generic medicine is popular to people who are on a tight budget because they are cheaper and these allow them to save money. Some may say that this is more practical but when you look at this closely, you will see that maybe generic medicines are not worth the risk. It is true that both branded and generic Heartgard contain Ivermectin but usually, the problem lies with the drug components the manufacturers add aside from the main component which is Ivermectin. Some sellers also have products that are not even accredited by the FDA and these tablets are not advisable to be given to your pet.

Aside from safety and effectiveness, a plus factor for the branded Heartgard for dogs is its taste. The manufacturers incorporated beef flavor which is a favorite of dogs so that they will not dread taking the medicine. Nonetheless, not all generic Heartgard for dogs are bad for your pet, you just have to be careful in choosing which one to purchase. If you want to be sure, it is better to buy the branded ones because the companies have made an effort to have these drugs tested and accredited by the FDA.

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