Heartgard for Dogs – Preventing Heartworm in Your Canine

It is crucial to keep our beloved dogs healthy and far from diseases. It is also inherent for us to take specific measures to make sure that the well being and the safety of our dogs are guaranteed. In a regular base, scheduled visits to your dog’s veterinarian is a must. It is a very simple action yet very essential since this step helps us guarantee that our dogs will stay protected from the risks related to heartworm and thus ensure that our dogs are safe from any diseases caused by heartworm.

What is a heartworm? A heartworm is a parasitic roundworm. A heartworm spreads from animal to animal, in this case pets and dogs, via the mosquitoes’ bite. It can infect your dogs and thus cause an extremely threatening health troubles.

You are able to protect your dogs from heartworm infection with a heartworm medication treatment. The most well-known medication is Hertgard Plus for dogs or Heartgard for dogs. This medication treatment is administered to defend against the former tissue stage of a disease cause by heartworms. It will also help in the prevention of a full case of the heartworm disease. In case the heartworm disease has been developed to further stage, Lufenuron will be the most trusted alternative. In addition, this medication also helps protect against ticks and fleas. There is also another brand which is quite effective to treat heartworm infections called Interceptor for dogs.

You can make sure the well-being as well as the energy of your dog with heartworm medication. However, you need to consult a veterinarian first before administering heartworm medicine to your dogs. It is so because you can only get the heartworm medicine if you have the prescription written by a veterinarian. Besides, your veterinarian can assist you to determine the best and the most suitable heartworm pills which can be the most fruitful for your canine. Also, they will give you advice and detailed instructions about how to give this medicine in terms of treatment schedule as well as dosage. By knowing your dog’s weight, your veterinarian will be able to decide the right dosage for your dogs. You, as the owner of the dogs, should also be familiar with and aware of any side effects from this type of medication.

According to some researches and statistics, if untreated, heartworm infection holds the predicate of the top killer of pets including dogs each year. Untreated heartworm can result in the decease of thousands of dogs each year. Giving heartworm medicine to treat infected dogs will implausibly helpful to prevent heartworm. An annual check up with a veterinarian is the simplest and affordable step that can unveil any problems as well as symptoms caused by this lethal parasite. Early infection can be detected and be treated right away. Grant your puppies and dogs the best life they deserve by taking those lovely pets to the veterinary clinic annually or every 6 months for regular heartworm infection screenings.

The Benefits of Purchasing Frontline Plus for Dogs

Dogs tend to roam around and get themselves dirty. Of course, as owners, we do not want this; we want them to be clean and healthy all the time. However, we cannot do anything about this as this is their nature. All we can do to ensure their health and safety is to bring them to the veterinarian regularly and to give them supplements that are good for their health. There are also drugs that help keep away all parasites that can infest their bodies. One of the most popular brands of these drugs is the Frontline Plus for dogs produced by the company Merial.

Parasites can reside in your pet’s body internally or externally. They suck blood from your pet and cause extreme pain and discomfort. Not only that, there are also species of parasites like fleas that carry with them parasitic worms. Once a flea bites your pet, it can transmit the worms to the body of the animals. A species of tapeworm known as Dipylidium caninum is commonly transmitted by fleas. Ticks, on the other hand, can cause the Lyme disease. In the Unites States, there are two known species of ticks that can cause this disease: the Ixodes scapularis and the Ixodes pacificus. Lyme disease is characterized by red rashes and flu-like symptoms. If the disease is not cured at once, it can develop into severe cases like cardiac and neurological problems. The worse thing is, Lyme disease can be transmitted to humans too, so ticks should be completely eradicated from your house or it can affect your other family members.

Many products claim that they are effective in removing fleas and ticks but they are not as effective as Frontline Plus. This product has been in the market for a long time now and it still continues to prove its effectiveness against parasites. In fact, there have been many positive reviews from dogs owners about this drug. The drug can disrupt the life cycle of fleas; it kills all adult fleas and immediately kills all larvae just after hatching. It also offers great control over tick infestations. Frontline Plus is a topical drug which means that it is applied directly to the skin. The product contains an applicator so you will not have to use your hands but be sure to put it on the skin and not on the fur to achieve the best results. It is recommended to apply Frontline Plus on the area between the shoulder blades.

The price of Frontline Plus for dogs is quite high compared to the prices of other flea and tick medications but this medication gives you the best value for your money. There are also different formulations depending on the weight of the dog. For large dogs like those weighing more than 132 lbs, the formulations may be stronger. You can consult your veterinarian for the right dose for your pet. You can also order your supplies online to avail of discounts and get fee shipping. Frontline Plus can protect your pet for three months but if your area is severely infested by fleas and ticks, a once a month application may be necessary. This is safe for dogs that are a few years old but consult your veterinarian before applying this to puppies younger than 8 months.

K9 Advantix vs Frontline Plus: Which is Better?

With many claiming to be on top of the list for solving your pet’s flea and tick problem, the list narrows down to just two popular and effective products: K9 Advantix and Frontline Plus. The important question to ask here would be: K9 Advantix vs Frontline Plus, which is better?

What is K9 Advantix?

Before we get to the bottom of that question, let’s first consider how each product works. How does K9 Advantix work for your pets? K9 Advantix is an effective medication that protects your dogs and cats from ticks, mosquitoes, fleas, chewing lice and flies.

K9 Advantix contains 0.44% pyripoxyfen which acts as a growth regulator for insects. K9 Advantix is also made up of 8.8% imidacloprid and 44.0% permethrin. The other ingredients compose 46.76% of the product. This chemical composition kills 95 up to 100% fleas and ticks. Once applied, the product starts working within 12 hours and offers protection for up to one month.

What is Fontline Plus?

How different is Frontline Plus?  It is almost similar to K9 Advantix in providing efficient pet care but contains a different set of chemicals; S-Methropene and Fipronil.  S-Methropene, a juvenile hormone, regulates tick and flea growth. Hormones such as S-Methropene keep the pupa from turning into adult insects, thus, breaking the tick and flea life cycle.

Friponil, on the other hand, is an insecticide that paralyzes the nervous systems of these insects. Within 12 hours from time of application, fleas are eliminated and ticks are eradicated within 48 hours.  By a process called translocation, Frontline Plus is deposited in your pet’s oil glands and from there, becomes distributed to the whole body through the hair follicles. This makes Frontline Plus effective up to 30 days even with just one application per month.

K9 Advantix vs Frontline Plus

Because your pet’s health as well as your family’s well-being matter most to you, you should only choose the best product backed-up by research. Numerous research studies have been conducted and came up with surprising results. These results serve as factual answers:

–    Frontline Plus and K9 Advantix are both waterproof and offer long-lasting protection but only Frontline Plus is safe to use on pregnant and lactating cats and dogs. Frontline Plus can also be used on cat/dog breeders.
–    Some components of K9 Advantix are harmful to cats and is therefore not advisable for them while Frontline Plus is safe for cats and dogs that are 8 weeks in age or older.
–    K9 Advantix contains chemicals that are stronger than Frontline Plus’ and is therefore posing greater danger for children.
–    Frontline Plus is easier to use than K9 Advantix.
–    Frontline Plus can come in cheaper packages.

Because you want to select the best product in the market, it is also worth mentioning a closely competing product, Advantage. This one has fewer chemicals and lesser untoward effects. However, compared to K9 Advantix and Frontline Plus, Advantage does cannot kill ticks.

With all the information provided, it is safe and factual to say that in the matter of K9 Advantix vs Frontline Plus, Frontline Plus provides better protection and benefits for you and your pets. Choosing the best one in the market will help you cut costs while obtaining optimum health for your pets.

Can You Buy Generic Frontline?

Because Frontline Plus leads the list of EPA approved tick and flea extermination products, it is no wonder why Frontline can be quite expensive to purchase. Despite the effectiveness of the product, some pet owners may be on the lookout for effective but cheaper alternatives, such as generic Frontline products.

Are There Generic Versions of Frontline?

Yes – there are generic versions of Frontline. This means that you get the products with the same of similar formulation, but is manufactured by other companies other than Merial. These generic Frontline options offer you the same quality of insect control and extermination for your dogs and cats. You must first take note of the following before buying generic Frontline products:

- It is a must to first ask your pet’s vet regarding what type of tick and flea product is appropriate for your dogs and cats. Your vet is the best person who knows about your pet’s health needs.
– Make sure that the products are genuine and come from reliable companies. Also, ensure that the product have passed US FDA and EPA standard health requirements.
– Upon buying the product, make sure to check if it has already been tampered or not. Tampered generic version of Frontline products are less effective or may not even be effective at all.

What Generic Frontline Products Can I Find?

Many new health forums have centered on finding generic alternatives. Take a look at the information gathered from these forums. The name FiproGuard Plus may not be new to some pet owners. Another name comes to the rescue for pet owners; that’s Pronyl OTC Plus. Both products have been proven to work just like Frontline Plus.

FiproGuard Plus and Pronyl OTC Plus: effective or not?
FiproGuard Plus and Pronyl OTC Plus are trademarks of Sergeant’s Pet Care Products. FiproGuard Plus and Pronyl OTC Plus are both great generic alternatives that contain roughly the same main ingredients. However, they are relatively cheaper in comparison to Frontline Plus. Here are some more details about these generic products:

- Frontline Plus contains the following active ingredients: Fipronil 9.8%, S-methoprene 8.8% (11.8% for Cats). FiproGuard Plus and Pronyl OTC Plus contain exactly the same ingredients in the same concentration and exactly the same weight ranges: 0-22, 23-44, 45-88, 89-132 pounds and for cats- one weight category. These active ingredients work exactly the same way that Frontline Plus does.

- The protection period lasts exactly the same with Frontline Plus: 30 days protection.

- Both products are waterproof and so even after bathing, your pets stay protected.

- Because FiproGuard Plus and Pronyl OTC Plus both contain the growth regulator hormones, these generic Frontline products disrupt the insects’ growth at all stages of their life cycles, thus, breaking the chain of infestation.

- Both are safe to use for cats and dogs that are 8 weeks of age or older and lactating and even pregnant dogs.

- Both can kill brown and American dog ticks as well as lone star ticks and chewing lice. These products are also proven to control mites that can cause sarcoptic mange.

- The products are easy to apply.

Some Important Reminders

It is important to note that products intended for dogs should not be used for cats and vice versa. Also, after application, wait for the site to fully dry. That will be at least 24 hours before bathing your dog or cat.

Since the products come in different formulations, always remember to keep your pet’s age and weight in mind. Appropriate doses are given corresponding to the age and weight. Also, there is a specific application guide for large dogs (89-132 pounds) like a golden retriever. Check the package for this. FiproGuard Plus also offers a product that you can use more conveniently as a spray.

If you consider buying generic Frontline products, remember that not all work like Frontline Plus. Possible different and even adverse reactions may happen. If you do want to be sure about things – then Frontline Plus may still be the best option for you!

8 Top Reasons to Use Frontline Top Spot

Because your pet’s protection from fleas and ticks is vital to its overall health, you should only use the best product available in the market, and that product comes from the leading brand, Frontline. Frontline flea products are available in 3 formulations and Frontline Top Spot is one of the three effective formulations against ticks and fleas.
There are plenty of flea and tick products out in the market that vary in price and effect, and the Top Spot just one of them. The question now is – why should you choose it over other products?

1. It is manufactured by Merial, a multi-national health company trusted by many veterinarians.
2. The products are regulated and are only sold to animal health specialists and websites that specialize in pharmaceutical products.
3. All Merial products are duly registered and approved by Environmental Protection Agency, hence, all products made by the company have achieved good standards, are effective and perfectly safe for flea and tick treatment.
4. Frontline products are proven 100% effective in providing flea and tick treatment for cats and dogs, which starts within 12-18 hours after application.
5. The product provides month-long protection with just one single application.
6. There are special formulations for cats and dogs, and for dogs of varying sizes and weights.
7. All Frontline products can be used on dogs and cats even on puppies as young as 8 weeks. They can also be used on lactating dogs or felines.
8. Numerous customer reviews speak for the product’s effectiveness and reliability

What Makes Frontline Top Spot Different from other Frontline Formulations?

Frontline Top Spot comes from the brand most trusted by vet and is formulated to kill the fleas and ticks of dogs and cats. It is indeed effective and works just as well as the two other products from Frontline – the Plus and Spray Formulation. Let’s first differentiate these 3 products. Frontline Plus is topical, long-lasting and applied only once every month. Top Spot on the other hand, is a spot-on product that is fast-acting. It is also proven to provide long-lasting treatment. Frontline Spray is used on quick treatment for fleas and ticks. Though closely compared with another leading product, the K9 Advantix, Frontline products contains the active ingredient Fipronil which have no known side effects thus, making the product more preferable than the other.

Among the three products from Merial’s Frontline, the Plus and Top Spot variety are the most popular as they are very effective. They are applied to one part of the pet only, but they affect the whole body by the process of translocation. Translocation means that the active ingredients are deposited in the skin’s oil glands and are dispersed onto the hair follicles even after a month’s time. Translocation takes 24 hours. It is important to note that Frontline Plus and Top Spot are EPA approved safe to use on pregnant and even lactating and breeding cats and dogs. However, Frontline Spray – although EPA approved as well, must not to be used for all the stages mentioned above.

What to remember when using Frontline products

Frontline products are to be used only after you have carefully consulted your vet about how safe it can be for your pet. Take into utmost consideration the accurate weight of your pet because the doses for the treatment correspond to certain weight ranges. The product works best if you choose the right formulation for the corresponding weight of your pet.

In treating your dogs or cats for flea and tick infestation, products like Frontline Top Spot can undoubtedly provide your pets with unbeatable protection at the best price. With many facts supporting its effectiveness, the treatment will surely guarantee you will get the best results for your pets.