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Exposed: Valuheart Vs Heartgard

Exposed: Valuheart Vs Heartgard

Why would you need a more expensive brand if you can get a cheaper one with the same efficiency? That’s one of the most common questions that pet owners ask themselves and they are right. Buy the most effective AND most budget-wise product. This is why we present you Valuheart vs Heartgard.

Why Generics Work

Some pet owners are skeptical about whether they should buy generic medicine for their cats and dog. This is because they don’t know how the generic med actually works for their pet’s heartworm infection just as well as branded meds. Valuheart is the best known and cheapest generic Heartgard in the market. It works exactly like the leading brand. Why? This is due to the fact that both products use Ivermectin as the anti-parasitic agent to kill the worms. Ivermectin is the most vet-recommended agent for heartworm disease and its proven effective and safe.
Why do generics truly work? It’s because they undergo the same drug licensing and regulating processes that branded products go through. Unless the manufacturers earn the approving body’s permission to sell the generics (for the US, it’s the FDA), the drug cannot be released to the market. That means Valuheart has passed all chemical and laboratory testing and is found equally safe and effective like Heartgard.

Are There Other Options?

Before comparing Valuheart vs Heartgard, there are some important and helpful side options for you:
– There are other leading brands for treating heartworm infection which come as topical meds like Revolution and they contain a different formulation. They also act differently: penetrating deep into the skin of your pets.
– If you want to have a one single medication that can protect your pet for a full 6 months (but does not come as a pill or tablet), then you may want to consider getting ProHeart 6. An injectable sustained-release medication, it is only available through your vet. He is the only one who can give it. This means, ProHeart 6 is considerably costly.
– If your pets are undergoing heartworm treatment but also have current lice and flea infestation, you can use topical products such as Advantage and Evolution. Before giving the medication though, it is important to consult your vet first.

Which Is Really Better?

Now, this is the bottom line question: Valuheart vs Heartgard – which is really better? Let’s get down to the facts:
– Heartgard now comes with Heartgard Plus which is useful for heartworm, roundworm and hookworm infections while Valuheart is only for treating heartworm disease. The branded product, however, is more expensive.
– If your pets have intestinal worms, then Heartgard is the better choice. It is important to test your pet for the right worm problem prior to medicating. This is because some pets do not have intestinal worms and Valuheart is then the cheaper choice.
– Just like the “branded” heartworm preventative, it’s given only once per month for a full year and has a wide margin of safety that even puppies as young as 6 weeks of age can use it.
– Both products come in colored packets with appropriate dosage for particular weight ranges. Some generic packets come in different colors like red, etc. but Valuheart packages have exacly the same colors as Heartgard. That saves you from getting confused.
– Valuheart can be mixed with little treats to ensure your pets don’t just spit out the medication.
– You can get the generic for as cheap as $20, and that’s already for a full 6 months of treatment. The price is almost half of Heartgard’s. You don’t need a prescription, too.

The Verdict: Valuheart vs Heartgard

If your pet’s only concern is heartworms, then the best value for your money and your pet’s optimum health is Valuheart. It has the same active ingredient and has gone through similar safety procedures as Heartgard. There are no known side effects plus it has a wide margin of safety for your canines. If you wish to save more, then comparing Valuheart vs Heartgard, choose Valuheart because it’s the right one for you.

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