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What Sentinel for Dogs Review Says About the Drug

As a wise buyer, advertisements do not always convince you. Most often, you need to hear from your fellow pet owners who have tested and scrutinized every inch of any product. This is because you do not just want optimum health for your pets and your family, you also want great savings. This is why you need you to know what Sentinel for Dogs review say about the drug.

Why Use Sentinel?

This is what most people would ask in the first place. What makes the product effective? As ear mites and fleas are a cyclical problem to your cats, so are worms and fleas to your dogs. The fact is, worms such as heartworm, round worm, hookworm and tapeworm can all cause poor health. If left untreated, it can spell ill health and death for your beloved animals.

They are highly contagious to humans, too. Heartworms are highly formidable because these parasites can stay in your pet’s heart and can block blood supply to all other important organs in your dog’s body, such as the lungs, liver and blood vessels. When blood supply is not sufficient or is impeded, these said organs fail and as well as your dog’s health. This is why you need Sentinel for your canines. The following is a compilation of dependable Sentinel For Dogs review from many sites:

– It’s the most-trusted and most recommended product by majority of veterinarians.
– The chewable beefy tablets make your pet eat them like a treat plus there’s no problem when you switch from one medication to Sentinel.
– The wide-spectrum components of the drug can effectively control flea infestation, thus, keeping your dogs from getting ill. You also save from not buying 3 separate products for the worms and flea infestation.
– When used as directed, once a month and for a full year, Sentinel tablets effectively kill the worm parasites and prevent the infection from coming back
– The online site for Novartis, the drug’s manufacturer, provides helpful information regarding pet care using its products. You can also get a downloadable for product instructions.
– Novartis is true to its product assurance, you get almost 100% effectiveness and you get a product guarantee for a refund of health care cost. See the site for more information on this.
– Buying the product from the internet gives you huge savings.
– The product constantly gains high rates in many websites, that’s a solid proof for the drug’s efficiency and safety.

How To Use The Product

Other than reading Sentinel for Dogs review, you also need to know the important directions for using it. Before starting the medication, it is relevant to have your dog checked for presence of worms. This is helpful in the prevention course and evaluation of med effectiveness. This will also prove handy should you need to claim treatment costs from Novartis. Go to your vet for the testing and get Sentinel prescription. You can ask your vet for online stores that offer big discounts for the drug. Remember to always wash your hands before and after treatment and cleaning because the worms are highly transmissible to humans. Follow these simple instructions:
– Provide each chewable tablet with a full meal
– The monthly treatment lasts for 12 months
– If you miss a dose, give it as soon as possible and from thereon, start the monthly dose
– This product is not to be used in puppies younger than 6 weeks old and for those with known allergies to the components

Even if most brands would claim they are number one, every sensible pet owner knows that word of mouth speaks more for the product than the advertisements themselves. This is why customer surveys are most trusted. With the all positive Sentinel for Dogs review, not only are keeping your pets and family health, you are also confident that you are using the most reliable drug in the market!

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